Author's Books

Sister Margaret
A Tommy Keane Novel

Veteran NYPD Detective Tommy Keane has arrived at his new command in Manhattan, after receiving an unwanted and punitive transfer from the Bronx, where he had spent the last nineteen years as a police officer, and detective, chasing criminals responsible for every sort of crime imaginable.

His new assignment, in the comparatively quiet 21st Precinct, should be an easy and safe way for Tommy to finish out the next thirteen months until his retirement date arrives, one would think. But the grizzly and shocking murder of a well-known and celebrated nun will prove, that while crime in supposedly nicer neighborhoods may not be as prevalent; crime, especially homicides, in any neighborhood are always disturbing, cruel, and surprising cases to investigate.

Even for a detective as well seasoned as Tommy Keane.

No Mud No Lotus

Bite sized Buddhist philosophy lessons from small city America.


Drawing from Eastern traditions and written for the western reader, No Mud No Lotus is intended as a toolbox for the positive activist and a manifesto for the modern punk.

Rooted in optimism, kindness and authenticity, well known Buddhist wisdom is coupled with short essays that weave together a road map for alternative enlightenment, radical creativity, and hope in dark times. 

Sarhadi Cover.png
Hayden Jon Marshal
A Tommy Keane Novel

A three year old boy vanishes, on a sunny morning, in a small neighborhood park on the Upper East Side, while out with his mother. There are zero clues and zero suspects.


Detective Tommy Keane obsesses over the child, breaking protocol to continue a fruitless search to find him, finding help in unlikely places with unsavory individuals.


Detective Tommy Keane discovers more about missing children, and the dark web, than he set out to in his search for the boy and the truth.